Career Planning

It can't be emphasized enough: Developing your career is still the best and most promising way to secure your financial future. We all know the mantra that parents, banks and insurance agencies try to feed us: Start saving early and utilize the power of compound interest to your advantage. The sooner you start saving even small … Continue reading Career Planning

The Time Replacement Model (TTRM)

There are plenty of different ways to calculate your targets and goals. You can estimate total revenues, spendings, monthly targets, annual targets... but my favorite model at the moment is TTRM, which stands for: "The Time Replacement Model". The idea is pretty simple. If you are overall happy with your current lifestyle and earnings, the … Continue reading The Time Replacement Model (TTRM)

Time for Shopping

We have 2 rough weeks behind us and while personally, I am optimistic about the next week, there is no certainty yet that there will be a recovery. Fundamentals didn't really change much thus some people are very surprised to see what's happening. While many companies got indeed a little overvalued in the recent months, when the … Continue reading Time for Shopping

2018 – Is it time for a crash?

Last week was apparently the worst week for the stock market since the BREXIT announcement back in 2016. My portfolio took a hit with some of my favorite stocks crashing down. In particular, one of my REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust) crashed 12% while announcing a dividend cut. The company is called Wereldhave and is … Continue reading 2018 – Is it time for a crash?