Reading News

Let me say it clearly right from the beginning: Writing about politics is almost always a mistake.

I try it anyway. It doesn’t matter whether you are right or wrong, but people tend to have different opinions and very different points of view. Therefore, no matter what you write, you will always have a divided audience. Facts don’t matter much these days. For many everything is a matter of perspective.

No other modern country in the world shows this in a more obvious manner than the United States of America. Watching news on Fox, CNN or NBC is like hearing the same headline from 3 different countries. Same goes for reading newspapers. The interpretation differs as does the storyline and the projected results from and about whatever has happened. By now, I prefer to watch comedy shows that comment on the news as they at least put some humor in it. There is no secret that comedy shows tend to be pro-democratic but I guess liberals offer them more stuff to work with these days. Either way, with my European heritage and mostly German background, it feels almost unreal to see what is happening across the Atlantic.

Having said all that, it is still pretty interesting and I would like to share an observation: If Democrats don’t get their act together, then it seems to me that there is a very realistic chance for President Trump to be re-elected. 

It’s been a while since elections and there is still no possible candidate on the horizon who could actually challenge Trump. I don’t want to take any side but I really just don’t see anyone who would be a match at this point.

It’s actually comparable to the situation in Germany. Here also, we don’t see any possible alternative to Mrs. Merkel and I am afraid she will be able to just “hand-over” the position after her 4th term (that’s 16 years of service) to whoever she will deem the most suitable.

Having a candidate is not the only issue. Trump is, like it or not, really pushing to make good on what he promised. You might want to argue whether something is good or bad, whether it makes sense or not and how it makes the country look in the eyes of the world – but he does it anyway. And that is what he actually got elected for.

Therefore, while I may reveal at this point that I am not a Trump supporter and consider his behavior shocking and embarrassing at times, but he is actually doing many things right to ensure a re-election. Time will tell but beware: Time is running.

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