What is “Retirement”

For most people, to retire means to stop working. It means that at the age of somewhere around 65 and working for all of your life, there is this certain point that marks that you have contributed an amount to society that allows you to say "it's enough". From there on, social security is taking over … Continue reading What is “Retirement”

Time is your biggest asset

Traders and investors are a large minority. It doesn't really matter which country we talk about, but overall, based on the total world population, investors are a rare breed. With my German background, I can say, that among my friends and colleagues there are only few who are active on any stock exchange and the … Continue reading Time is your biggest asset

A place is a place, people are people

I had recently an interesting conversation regarding my daughter. She is only 2,5 years old but due to the nature of my job, she already moved 3 times together with our little family and at the age of 3, she will have moved 4 times as I am going to have to move again latest … Continue reading A place is a place, people are people

Conscious Spending Habits

It can't probably be repeated often enough so let me say it just once more: Being in control of your income and expenses is a crucial discipline that needs to be mastered in order to reach financial independence. Today, I would like to give some advice on the expenses side. Let me start by saying … Continue reading Conscious Spending Habits