6 Dividend Ideas for 2018

We are about to pass the main dividend season in Europe and 2018 is poised to be again another record year for investors and shareholders with a massive increase in dividend payouts across the globe. Reason enough to bring the topic up and to discuss a few ideas for dividend-seeking investors. There is an old … Continue reading 6 Dividend Ideas for 2018

Discipline, Patience, ​and Emotions

To reach financial independence, it is important to save, invest and to create alternative sources of income. At the same time, it is also important that we keep our spending routines at bay to ensure that at the end of the month, the account remains positive, all bills have been paid and that there is … Continue reading Discipline, Patience, ​and Emotions

Nobody wants to get rich slowly

There is a famous quote from Warren Buffett, which came up during a conversation between Mr Buffett and the richest man on earth, Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon. During this conversation, and those two being longtime friends, Jeff Bezos asked Warren Buffett: “You are the second richest man in the world and yet you … Continue reading Nobody wants to get rich slowly

Why Dividends rock

Buying stocks is by some people considered more or less a gamble. Especially in Germany where I come from, people tend to be great in avoiding debt (most Germans actually don't even have credit cards), having large savings accounts and an array of insurance contracts to protect them from anything that might happen. The dream … Continue reading Why Dividends rock

Frugal living basics

Before we get to the point that we can talk about saving, investing, passive income and ultimately, early retirement, we need to have cash on hand to work with and no matter your circumstances, whether you are a top paid executive or a day-to-day worker: If your expenses are higher than your income, then you … Continue reading Frugal living basics