Markets can’t go up forever… or do they?

Just when I wanted to write this article, markets went down. What a timing! But no, this is not a crash just yet. I believe that there is no perfect answer to the question above, but let me say this: There might be a limit to growth somewhere, but I am truly not able to … Continue reading Markets can’t go up forever… or do they?

Have a plan

It's funny how humans deal with their own aspirations, and I don't mean it in an entertaining way. One would assume that having an exciting goal or target ahead of us would already offer enough inspiration and motivation to do everything possible to get there. But for most parts, people tend to keep dreaming rather … Continue reading Have a plan

Investing is only for the rich

One of my favorite websites and even more so the Twitter account is the site of Visual Capitalist or @VisualCap. There is always something great to discover there, like for example beer prices across borders: This example should have some serious impact on the next travel destination, right? These graphs are not only entertaining and educational, they … Continue reading Investing is only for the rich