Get paid Dividends every 2 weeks – with only 2 stocks in your portfolio

Today, a post with some information for those who appreciate regular and more frequent dividend payments, and with “frequent” I am talking about getting paid twice a month.

How would you like to receive cash, every 2 weeks and this with an investment of only 2 individual companies?

I would like to share with you 2 companies, which pay dividends every single month. One pays out by the middle, and the other one, at the end of each calendar month. So if you have both of them in your portfolio, you get paid roughly every 2 weeks.

The first company is Realty Income (O)

O is a REIT. And not just any REIT, it’s THE most popular, reliable and trusted REIT out there with monthly dividend distributions. In fact, the company calls itself and trademarked the term “The monthly dividend company”. It has not only paid reliably dividends every single month for decades, it also raised the dividend every single year. Markets up- or down, O pays like clockwork in the middle of every month.

The second company is Gladstone Investment Corporation (GAIN).

GAIN is a BDC. Business Development companies are a common choice for high-yield chasing investors and while they have the reputation of being riskier compared to REITs, the expected reward is also higher. GAIN has an excellent reputation and one specific benefit: It not only pays a monthly dividend by the end of every month, it also regularly distributes up to 2 additional participation dividends per year, bringing it occasionally to a total of up to 14 dividend payments a year!

About timing

Receiving regular payments every 2 weeks can greatly simplify your life, due to the benefit of receiving cash around the same time when some of your regular, re-occurring payments are due. It can be therefore easily used to cover some of your monthly expenses, such as insurance, utilities or even your kid’s pocket money.

O and GAIN are obviously not the only monthly-dividend paying companies out there and you might certainly find alternatives. No matter which company will catch your interest, please make sure to research it thoroughly and to ensure it matches with your risk tolerance.

DISCLOSURE: I am invested in both stocks mentioned in this article.


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