2018 in retrospect

So this is it. Tomorrow is Christmas, and only a week later we will already be saying "goodbye" to 2018 and "hello" to 2019. I will be working - a lot - over the next 10 days, so let me write my last words on this blog for 2018 today. Obviously, since the blog is … Continue reading 2018 in retrospect

Make yourself a great Christmas gift! Invest!

Christmas is just a few days away, and while over the years in the past this time was blessed with rising stock markets, 2018 doesn't look much promising. The almost traditional year-end-rally is very unlikely this year. And that's not bad news. A lot of stocks have suffered in 2018. Some, deserved a correction. Some … Continue reading Make yourself a great Christmas gift! Invest!

What FIRE really means

Retiring Early and being financially independent may be a dream for many. But before you put too much romance into that thought, let me tell you something: It becomes a dream once it happens. But before that, it can get really tough. Savings target My plan is to retire with 45. That's 6,5 years from … Continue reading What FIRE really means