How to pick a stock

Among the shares that I hold in my portfolio, Apple (AAPL) is currently among my largest positions. I was lucky buying it when the price was at 148 EUR per share on the XETRA exchange. Today the price is pending at around 200 EUR. An increase of over 30%. The case for buying Apple was … Continue reading How to pick a stock


Depending on work is not a smart long-term plan

I don’t remember whether my parents were asking me about my aspirations when I was young. I also don’t remember hearing them talking to neighbours, friends or family about what I am going to do when I grow up. They never really tried to push any particular profession on me. Maybe because they wanted me … Continue reading Depending on work is not a smart long-term plan

Dividends are everyones friends

I am a strong promoter of companies that benefit shareholders by distributing dividends. While many companies refuse to do so in order to keep the cash for future investments, I believe that since a shareholder carries risk in regards to the companies success, he or she should also reap a reward from his investment and … Continue reading Dividends are everyones friends