Good Reads

There are things in life that we need to learn and some of them are manifested in books. I would like to use the space here to promote a few books of which I believe had a great impact on my financial expertise.

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Let’s start off by preparing our brains for the right mindset. Understanding economics can be a rough train, but it all depends on the perspective and one of my favourites to ease in is this classic that will surely become one of the books of the century, by Stephen J. Dubner and Steven Levitt. Freakonomics.

There are surely a million different ways to learn and try to understand how our economy works and Freakonomics is certainly everything but a typical way to learn the basics. But the great thing about the book is its highlight of unexpected connections and correlations between products, services and all players involved.

Sometimes things can get confusing. Good news come up, but a stock drops like a stone. Bad news pile up and led us to belief that we should sell our position, but right after selling the stock its price shoots up to the moon. This book helps to think a little bit around the corner and a truly great read on top.

Another recommendable book that I would like to bring up is written by Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Usually I wouldn’t read any book that got the word “rich” in its title and I really don’t know whether to the storyline of the book is indeed true or pure fiction, but the lessons from this book are invaluable.

From the best and most simple definition of assets and liabilities to strategic rules such as “pay yourself first”, this book gives a great insight on how saving and investing works and very practical tips on how to do your first steps towards an independent future.